Sunday, January 30, 2011

Double Chocolate Loaf

First recipe: Success!!

Seth laughed at me as I was nervously and carefully measuring out each ingredient, referring back to the cookbook several times to make sure I was doing it "Just Right". Not typical for this cook!

The Chocolate Loaf (Link to the recipe) is recommended served with a Peanut Butter spread as a breakfast treat. While I definitely ate it during the hours typically reserved for Breakfast, it is about as much a "breakfast food" as Candy Cane Jo Jos. I made it with TJ's cocoa powder and TJs Dark Chocolate circles, and substituted Coconut oil in for the Oil called for in the recipe. I think the Coconut Oil really made it more moist, and adding in a tiny bit of almond extract in addition to vanilla extract made for the perfect combination of flavors.

I was surprised at how much I liked this recipe! It's simple to make, very moist and chocolate-gooey good, and holds up well the day-after. I realized too late that my cream cheese was expired, so I opted out of the spread, but I was planning on using almond butter for the spread to go along with my "hint of almond" in the loaf. Ohhhh, what could have been! There's always next time!!

*I would love any tips or recommendations for "How to help" my pictures. I am not a photographer by any means, and would love to learn more!

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  1. Faux breakfast foods are the best breakfast foods of all! I'll have a slice of this, a Candy Cane Joe-Joe, and a piece of apple pie, please. :) Looks delicious!