Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday Cookies

I was so excited to find this post from Sisters Cafe on Secrets to the perfect Chocolate Chip cookie. Lets face it, we've had some good cookies and some bad cookies, sometimes from the same recipe! Their tips are excellent, and with a recipe to accompany their tips, how could I resist making some for Fat Tuesday?

It helped that my amazing baking friend Emily encouraged me after I shared the post on google Buzz. She is a gourmet, and we decided to get together and bake them so that we could see if they were really perfect, and Emily surprised me and baked some of her favorite recipe too so we'd have a comparison!

Photo credit goes to David Goodberg, who not only is a great photographer, but also has a book out on the market that is hitting B&N bookstores across the country! Keep an eye out for it, it's a good one!

I have to shamefully admit that I didn't have enough bread flour to add in the recipe, so I substituted some whole wheat pastry flour, which I think made them flatter than they would have been. The first taste I felt a little "Meh" about, but after coming home and eating half of a cooled cookie, I was hooked! Great texture, perfect chocolate disk addition, and some good vanilla flavor that shines through! The salt sprinkled on the top really hits the spot, too!

Emily's cookies are the perfect chewy cookie! They used all bread flour, so they had the perfect rise and fluff to them, and the texture shone through with might! (Forgot to have D take pictures of hers, oops!) If you're interested, I'll see if I can post her recipe, too!

On a side-note, I am going to be observing Lent this year by sacrificing Sugar. This might make my BAKED posts a little hard, as the temptation to eat BAKED creations is strong! I am going to be experimenting with Sugar Subsitutes (Powdered Honey, Xylitol, Agave, Honey, Stevia...) so I'll either post some subsitute reviews or we might take a break for a few weeks! (Fair warning!)


  1. janey! i just saw your cute comment on my blog. you are too funny! totally not a style goddess... (i'm sitting here in kmart sweats and a way too small jazz shirt... that is gross!) but isn't that shirt from target the best?! & for $8 bucks too! i ended up buying it in every single color for owen. i haven't washed it yet, i hope it washes well. so glad you stole one for your little guy too. darn target, it lures me in!
    hope you're well!!

  2. I hear Stevia is great to bake with! I have a friend who uses that instead of sugar. Though, honey is a yummy substitute, too.