Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BAKED Makeup Recipe: Sweet n' Salty Brownies

Since I started BAKED explorations later than the blogging group, I have wanted to have a few "Makeup" sessions, and what a better weekend to do it than Valentines day, where I could try out my new brownie cutter on BAKED's famous Sweet N' Salty Brownies!

I was SUPER impressed with how easy it was to make these. It was the first time I've ever made homemade brownies (and the second time I've ever made brownies, period!). For how much I love a good brownie, I have always been nervous about them for some reason. Well, worry no more, because they're surprisingly simple, and De-Licious!

I followed the recipe exactly, and was ecstatic about the results. The fleur de sol caramel is baked into the brownies, and then I drizzled some over the finished product as well. The fleur de sol sprinkled on the top was just enough, and we found ourselves devouring them on valentines day!
Since I have restrictions on my sugar intake during the week, we shared our good fortune with some friends and neighbors. I usually feel the need to add a caveat to any dish I make, but these came with my whole-hearted recommendation and no-reserves stamp of approval!

Happy Lover's day!

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  1. I wanna to a make-up of this one, too, but where did you get the fluer de sal (sp?) ... can't find it anywhere.